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Amagami SS – 09

“Statistics show that by listening to Sae’s voice, you have an increased risk of suffering from ear cancer and/or deafness”

I disapprove.

What a surprise this episode was. First we had  the comedic narrator and the breaking of the fourth wall, both of which remind me a lot of the currently airing Ookami-san. Then we had the whole romantic comedy thing going on. Pretty unexpected seeing that the first 2 arcs were mainly drama.

Some much-needed yuri action



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Demotivator of the week #32

On a semi-related note, this week’s episode of Amagami SS surprised me a lot! It’s pretty different to what I was expecting~

Live long and prosper and send me a message if you want to add me on Battlenet. However, I’m pretty noob, so yeeeah, try not to depend on me too much ‘kay?


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Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin – impressions so far

“Guys… in the movies everybody who says those lines…. dies.”

Russian Roulette with Naruse.... not a game I'd like to play

Occult Academy is heading towards  its final 13th episode, and I am very pleased with what’s been shown so far. Possibly the biggest flaw in the series is that it’ll be so goddamn short!

Apocalypse a la War of The Worlds

I’ve certainly enjoyed the comedic moments in this series, which are too numerous to dictate. What’s even better is that the humour is far different to the generic fanservice-related and recycled slapstick that seems to permeate many anime series these days. Expressions are truly priceless in Occult Academy.


However it’s not all good news. Bunmei borders on terribad very often. He’s just a really annoying character sometimes, with his general lack of spine and ridiculous crush on Mikaze. However it’s a good thing that we see a sadder side to this fool. I just wish he’d shut up sometimes.

Moth.... woman...?

The character of Mikaze is not quite as annoying. In my opinion, she’s waaaay too sweet to be true, and it’s a little shifty how Bunmei hasn’t taken a photo of her yet. Only time will tell whether she plays some greater role in the story.

Ooooo trippy

The soundtrack, like with the grand majority of series out there, is certainly less than memorable, though the voice actors are doing  a very solid job of their characters. The animation, while not amazingly spectacular, has been pretty okay so far.

Why is Naruse such a noob...?

What director Itou Tomohiko needs to focus on doing right now is building up an intriguing conclusion. We’ve gone through most of the main characters at this stage, bar JK and Smile, and so we’re ready to dive into this occult-themed conspiracy. With only a total of 13 episodes, time cannot simply be wasted on mere supernatural slice-of-life.

Errrr I'm no chem genius, but I'm pretty sure iron oxide = rust....

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Amagami SS – Tanamachi Kaoru arc – review

“We’re just bad friends…”

Birth of the boy band.

After this arc, I’m really interested in how they’ll develop the quieter/more modest characters such as Sae and Tsukasa. They’ve clearly started the series with the more gutsy and powerful ladies, so who knows where the series’ll go with the other female love-interests.

Mmmm ear-biting...

Morishima-senpai was a great tease. We witnessed some pretty outrageous things with her, such as the whole kinky role-play and the kissing behind the knee (out of ALL places). Kaoru’s a cruder character and it’s clear that she’s earned the title of “Kibitou’s Warhead”, with her almost aggressive personality at times.

Hrrrr.... how very risqué~

However it’s no big surprise to see her softer and more vulnerable side. I personally thought they did that well. However it’s clear things were rushed, just as they were with Morishima Haruka. The whole mother-daughter was never satisfactorily concluded, and shift from ‘bad friends’ to ‘omg we’re like sooo like a couple’ was very quick.

You know, I've never found Australian waitress uniforms that attractive...

Of course very little can be said about the boring and recycled sound. Tachibana’s voice also tends to piss me off majorly. Animation is also fairly average, although the character models have always been nice to watch.

Nothing like a hands-on experience

Despite the clear faults, Kaoru’s arc was most watchable! The whole kissing the stomach thing was pretty damn out there, but after watching Tachibana go for behind Haruka’s knee ‘like a puppy’, and then that excruciating ramen role-play, that could be considered relatively tame. Come on Sae, show us what you got~

Did I ever tell you how MUCH I LOVE flowers...?

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Kuroshitsuji II – 07-08

“Don’t worry, Master. The menial soul that can give love to one who is only a butler cannot possibly stimulate my appetite… There is a use for your soul.”

*Take photo take photo*

Wow. Now this is what we’re talking about. The past 2 episodes have been very revealing and really accelerated the plot. Director Ogura Hirafumi  has done a great job of the latest episodes, and it leaves us waiting in anticipation for next week’s outing!

The spider and his spawns


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I can haz burfdae?

Here's a birthday-themed image for your viewing pleasure...

If you’re wondering why my blog has been relatively quiet recently, it’s coz  I hit the 2o year mark today. Got a sweet stormtrooper helmet XP so I’m hoping my lecturer won’t kill me for wearing it tomorrow.

The Galactic Empire shall forever reign the universe!

Anyway expect an update VERY soon! I haven’t forgotten bout you guys yet~


No, I'm not a girl. Goddamnit why don't guys ever have birthdays in anime...

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Demotivator of the week #31

Wow the year just zips by! Anyhoo here’s your weekly dose of demotivation~

Thanx for the views and comments and stay tuned for more updates! XD


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