How I rate

Politicians lie, telemarketers irritate and reviewers rate. That’s how the world revolves, and let’s keep it that way. Here at Baka Reviews, (most of the time) I don’t just take numbers out of a hat when I do reviews (as awesomely fun and troll-worthy that might seem). I have a simple system of doing things and right now, I’m going to set it out here so that it makes total sense.

For anime:

Animation: Clearly this about what you taste

Sound: This includes soundtrack and sound-effects

Story: The concept of the series and how the series goes about it is core to this component

Characters: I like good personalities on the screen. I also like fitting voice-acting.

Enjoyment: This may include laughter for comedies, or thought-provocation for more serious series

Overall : Merely the mathematical average of the above values. That’s all. It’s up to you to decide which values you deem more important.

For videogames:

Story/setting: Concept and plot are key to this component. IDEAS PEOPLE, IDEAS! Characterisation will also be rated in this component

Graphics: I’m blind. Therefore this component will contain a rating of the various smells I encountered during gameplay.

Sound: Soundtrack, sound effects and voice-acting when present.

Gameplay: Is the game fun to play and not too hard to pick up? Yeah, those sorts of questions to be rated in this component

Lasting value: Replayability, how many hours clocked, the after-taste after finishing the game, etc.

Overall: Once again, merely the mathematical average of the above values.

I follow advice from Hii, who is clearly adept at reviewing many aspects of life, such as the bewildering prospect of human relationships *twitch*


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