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Metroid: Other M gameplay footage impressions

If it’s done by Team Ninja, it MUST be good!

Some candy for the fanboys...Feeling chilly?

Feeling chilly?

Enter Metroid: Other M, the next installment in the Metroid franchise. Other M will be strongly focussed on different episodes of our favourite heroine’s life. Does it deserve it’s hype?


Simply put: yes. The concept is great and the game looks awesome. Other M will mostly use a 3rd person perspective, akin to the SNES and handheld installments of the Metroid franchise. However, there will be many opportunities where the 1st person perspective can be utilised.

Run Samus, run!

Other M looks very cinematic. The cutscenes we’ve seen so far are impressive for what the Wii can handle, and they truly give depth to the character of Samus. It’s great to see the woman metaphorically and literally behind the power suit. Apparantly the controls are easy to get used to (the wii-mote is held horizontally), so this games will probably be n00b friendly.

If I had to view everything from a visor like that, I'd be pretty damn annoyed...

Metroid: Other M looks to be one of the best (if not, the best) Nintendo releases this year, in what seems to be a VERY dry one for Wii-owners. Metroid: Other M is being released in the latter half of this year in the US and Europe.

Oooo 1st person~


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Demotivator of the week #6

It’s that time of week again!

Catch y’all later for another week of videogame trailers and more anime~

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Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn – 01

“There’s someone I must talk to no matter what. If I don’t something irreversible will occur!”

Woops... I wasn't supposed to press THAT button, wasn't I...

Boom. Headshot.

Set 3 years after Char’s Counterattack (the conclusion to Mobile Suit Gundam), Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn concerns a young man, Banagher Links, who is caught in a conflict between the Earth Federation, and a  terrorist group called the “Sleeves”. Unicorn will be a 6-episode OVA series, with each episode being approximately an hour long.

Reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaal subtle.

The director of Unicorn is Kazuhiro Furuhashi, who has worked on a lot of very popular anime series (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: Kai, Hunter X Hunter and Kimi ni Todoke to name a few). It will be interesting to see how he adapts the Universal Century which has only previously existed in novel-form to the TV screen.


The animation is of high quality, as everything appears fluid and smooth, and more special effects are conveyed well without excessive sparkle. What surprised me was how well-suited the soundtrack was. It sounds great. Fight scenes don’t drag on, and are very enjoyable to watch (which is probably a good idea, since most people watch Gundam for the battles). Dialogue, although not as wordy as other series like Bakemonogatari, is still realistic and well-done.

From the flames, Kshatriya will rise...

As for the characters, once again we have a cast that is teenage-dominated, like many other Gundam series. While this has really peeved me off in the past, our lead Banagher hasn’t quite turned into an angstly little b*tch yet, and hopefully  he stays that way for the entire series.

Gundam Unicorn now comes with complementary glitter!

Unicorn shows a lot of promise, and perhaps deserved a lengthier series. The battles are well choreographed and most importantly, the mecha look and fight great. Hopefully Unicorn shies away from the hormone-infused direction Gundam 00 took. Stay tuned.

Pure Awesome.

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Hanamaru Youchien – 07

Tsuchi, you must be popular to have so many brides… If we’re on a honeymoon, that makes us all his brides.

I really don't wish I had hands like Tsuchi's

Congratulations Tsuchi. You just got the thumbs up from a TODDLER!

Woohoo~ More toddler shenanigans as we watch Tsuchi, our favourite 3 moe-blobs and Yamamoto-sensei on summer vacation. Oh, and did I mention there was a summer festival and fireworks as well?

Had a little too much to drink Anzu?

After a small decline in interest in the previous 2 or 3 episodes, Hanamaru Youchien gave us a simple but great episode. I felt that the whole ‘romantic’ thing between Anzu and Tsuchi wasn’t as stressed as much in this episode compared to others, which is GOOD because it’s getting tiresome.

Lo and behold! The MANTIS!

On the subject of in-jokes, the character of Hii this episode is a winner. Her fish costume is outrageous, yet it suits her personality so well. Koume’s air-headedness and m0e is adorable as usual. Often it’s the side-characters that maketh the anime series. This is true in Hanamaru Youchien’s case.

Errr... that costume looks... fishy...

With only 5 more episodes to go, let’s hope Hanamaru Youchien maintains its form…. and loses the weird brother complex…

He wasn't even drinking something >_>

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Katanagatari – 02

“However, by that point you’ll have been torn into pieces.”

An awesome 'fight'

Katanagatari continues it’s humorous and entertaining form with a second episode playing upon catchphrases and the unique ‘edges’ that flesh out side-characters in a shounen series.

Never eat something that's past it's expiry date!

The structure of the second episode was very much the same as the first: talk first, then action later. Though I enjoyed both halves, I can see a lot of viewers getting frustrated at a series that, on first impressions, looks like the generic action-filled, sword-clashing anime we’re used to. This is clearly NOT the case.

Must... Eat... Brains...

The first half fleshed out the story to come, introducing Uneri Ginkaku, a ronin (rogue samurai) who holds Zantou Zerosen, the katana that could allegedly slice through anything. He lives in his castle Gekoku, which lies in the desertified Inaba.

Everyone loves chibi~ ❤

Some very humourous dialogue on those corny catchphrases often seen in shounen was a highlight. Also, the perks that make side-characters unique were also played upon. It should be noted that the humour in Katanagatari isn’t the type which makes you bawl out with laughter, but rather the stuff that brings a nice smile to your face.

Zerg rushing... it never wins.

Katanagatari has started out very well, and it will a difficult wait for the next episode (March 8), seeing that each is released monthly.

Flower power!

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Katanagatari – 01

People who work for money are no good. People who work for honour are no good too. That only leaves one reason. Love! Shichika Yasuri… fall for me!

Katanagatari - it's about swords

"Look at how AWESOME I am!"

From the writer of the Bakemonogatari light novel series (which the like-titled anime series was based on) comes Katanagatari, a 12-episode series (each 50 minutes long) concerning 12 legendary katanas, a slightly pathetic ‘super-strategist’ and her air-headed bodyguard.


First impressions are mostly positive. Animation is good, and it’s great to see an anime series this season that looks so different to the rest. However we don’t really see too many special effects, or awesome moves that test the skills of Katanagatari’s animators (Whitefox).

"Can we keep her.... pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase?"

Sound is great. The Shogunate era is conveyed well with the traditional-sounding melodies, and the use of traditional Japanese instruments. Though there’s nothing catchy to listen to yet, the score goes well with what’s happening on screen.


It’s VERY easy to compare Katanagatari with Bakemonogatari. Both involve the deepening relationship between a girl and boy and both involve torturous amounts of dialogue (you really do have to pity the fansubbers translating this series). I thoroughly enjoyed Bakemonogatari, so I think Katanagatari will be an interesting watch for me (and you as well).

Someone's fantasy RIGHT there~

As others have pointed out, this episode tended to be a fun play on the shounen genre. The fightscenes were deliberately long, delayed by the seemingly unending dialogue (something that is synonymous with series like Dragonball Z, Naruto and Bleach). On the other hand, there were quite a few quiet moments were more serious dialogue which WASN’T about how to pwn the enemy’s a$$, something that definitely belongs in the seinen genre.

Mmmmm yummy!

Overall, this episode was an entertaining episode to watch, although rather unbelievable. It was definitely unexpected how easily Yasuri took Kanna, the Cutting Sword, even though most of the episode was spent building up how each legendary katana could defeat enemies by themselves, and each could be sold for a country. I mean, who in the world would entrust such a valuable relic to such a n00b. Other than that, the subtle humour was well placed, and definitely good repose from the dialogue.

I mean, honestly, a ninja with a baseball cap?!

OP: beautifully animated, terribly clashy song. Such a shame.

ED: a very simple ED, with a decent song. The gentility of the singer’s voice is contrasted well with the  almost rocky riffs.

Moe moe..... kyun~

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Demotivator of the week #5

Whoa almost forgot this entry~ My bad.

Hang in tight for a rough ride. Not too many interesting game trailers during this period, and no new anime airing this month. Anyhoo in a few weeks, you can expect a Heavy Rain review, not to forget more (of the same) anime. Cheers to all the loyal readers out there~


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