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Sarai-ya Goyou – 06

“I see… Now I know why you didn’t show up at all. So this Yaichi person… was you.” *DUN DUN DUUUUUUUNNN*

Okinu gets angry at those who don't like the slow pace of this series

Finally we deservedly get some (short-lived) action in this slow-paced series. With Masa’s imminent return to the House, it seems episode 6 has concluded most/all introductions, so now we can get to the meat of what this series has to offer.

Masa bares his (lack of) fangs

Admittedly it was pretty funny to see Masa attempt to defend the elder with a pair of chopsticks. That aside, what we glimpsed of Masa’s swordsmanship was reminiscent of episode 1: quick and effective. For those expecting drawn-out duels, why the hell are you still watching this series?

Half the time Masa's moping...

I like how they’re crafting Yaichi’s character. We get bits of the story here and there, and  by looking at next week’s preview, it seems we’ll find out more soon. He’s also physically different to everyone else, with his white hair and grey-blue eyes, setting himself apart from pretty much everyone. This series’s charms deserve more attention and I can’t wait for next week’s episode.

The other half Masa's eating


May 30, 2010 at 1:01 am 3 comments

Another demotivator…

Damnit… I wasn’t quite pleased with the last demotivator… too inclusive >.<“” Anyhoo in response to the recent release of Eva 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance, here’s another demotivator

❤ Makinami Mari Illustrious. best. eva. pilot. everrrrrr.


May 28, 2010 at 9:32 am 6 comments

Demotivator of the week #19

Wow. It’s actually pretty hard finding inspiration for a ‘demotivator’ each week. Hard enough to make me use old material -__-” . This makes me a sadpanda… Ah well, I blame the weather XP

This week’s is pretty series-specific. If you don’t mind fountains of blood and gore, watch Hellsing. You know it’s good for you ;P


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Senkou no Night Raid – 05-06

“Japan is advocating abandoning Asia and Westernising. To make all of Asia both politically and culturally unified is called Pan-Asianism. With Japan in between the West and the East, what stance will it take on this?”

Shanghai in all its glory.

One could say that the faults that lie in Senkou no Night Raid lie not in its concept or characters, but rather, the how the lofty ambitions that are instilled in such a series are addressed.

Senkou no Night Raid's ambitions are like this guy's hats - there's too many of them.

In an attempt to give life to the mulitcultural aspect of Shanghai, we get poor accents and lacklustre acting. It’s pretty evident that even the best of seiyuus will stumble with foreign languages, and the efforts of Namikawa (Kazura’s voice actor) must be commended. To try and handle Chinese, Russian and German and at the same time, attempt to sound natural surely deserves brownie points. While the international talkfest was harsh on the ears, I really liked how they had a translator for Miki-sensei. It’s that sort of attention-to-detail that gets the thumbs-up from me.

Not the spotlight I'd like to be under.

Once again we find instances of detailed animation in the most unusual of places, contrary to generally lame visuals that predominate each episode. Quite a lot of degree must have been put in animating Nishio’s twitchaholic corpse at the end of episode 5.

So apparantly parasols boost ur mysterious aura level by over 9000

Director Matsumoto has guts, trying to deal with this politically and historically sensitive period in history. I like the direction this series is going and if you enjoy historical anime, this should be in your watchlist.

Hey! It's Douchebag McGee from a couple of eps back~

May 26, 2010 at 4:51 am 3 comments

Working!! – impressions

“Yama Yama Yama Yama Yama Yama Yama Yama Yama….”

After rapage comes the pain.

We all make mistakes. Initially I put Working!! aside as another harem slice of life series. Turns out I was wrong. Working!! is turning out to be one of the most enjoyable series out there currently.

This is worthy of being called a FALCON PUUUNCH!!!113I20one

Think K-On concept (slice of life/comedy/nothing happening), but translocate into a restaurant setting. Now add male characters and better comedy, and you get Working!! Our lead Takanashi is a self-stated “miniphile”, bordering on paedophile/lolicon/general freak. Some of the other very interesting characters include the small-statured senior Taneshima, the man-phobic Inami and the katana-wielding Todoroki.

Love of water fleas? Freak.

What makes Working!! so entertaining is its over-the-top characterisation. Everyone has some sort of retarded niche on them that makes them far from normal, and it’s very amusing to watch how everyone interacts. Every watcher slowly develops a liking for his/her favourite waiters/waitresses. However, I fear that the in-jokes that make up much of the comedy in Working!! do tend to get old.

The females in this show tend to be pretty hard-hitting...

And what does Working!! do to remedy this? For starters, we’re still being introduced to new characters e.g. ‘Yamada’ in episode 7, and next week we’ll be seeing Inami’s father. We also get small relationship developments between Satou and Todoroki, and maybe even Inami and Takanashi. Nothing like a bit of love to spice things up.


Animation is surprisingly not bad at all. I like the character design, and the various effects add to the humour e.g. chibi moments (yeah I like chibi, so stfu). Music is averagely average, though Working!! does have a suitably nice tune or two here and there.

"I never realised Working!! would be such a good watch!"

I’m glad I picked up Working!! instead of totally disregarding its presence. It’s more amusing than K-On!! in my humble opinion (don’t hang me please!) and it’ll remain in my watchlist definitely for the time being.

Oh My God - it's an army of CHIBI'S

OP: the happiest OP of the season by far. It’s also got a really happy tune to go alongside it.

ED: fairly average. Actually it’s a bit boring to be honest.

Suck on that.

May 24, 2010 at 7:57 am 8 comments

Demotivator of the week #18

I must acknowledge IGN for the image provided. Couldn’t resist using it XP

Anyhoo wow workload is piling up like the kilos (I wish XD). Somehow I’ve made it alive after this week. Stay tuned for more awesome updates next week~

May 22, 2010 at 6:38 am 1 comment

K-On!! – 07

Moral of the story: never use poetry to show how you feel.

"I lost my virginity to my cousin."

Not only was this a pretty amusing episode, we also got to hear HTT’s newest song: Pure Pure Heart (yeah I kno, gay name), which was very nice to listen to too~

That would be AWESOME if Ton-chan could do that...

Okay, this episode’s premise was kinda lame if you think about it. However, it proved to be pretty funny with the whole Mio fanclub thing and the former student council president. I’m totally loving the chibi moments that seem to be appearing more often than in the first season.

You can never get enough chibi

Though the musical section was relatively short, and not quite a full-blown concert, I thoroughly enjoyed Pure Pure Heart, more so than most of the other performances HTT gave in S1. Mio > Yui in terms of vocals, hands down.

Now THAT is what I call a cake...

My impression of S2 has recovered slightly after watching this episode, though it must be mentioned that K-On has always been about the slice of life, rather than the music. Next week it’s career assessment time. Should be fun.

Yeah, I know, it's hard being as handsome as I am 😛

May 21, 2010 at 6:21 am 6 comments

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