Kuroshitsuji II – 07-08

August 22, 2010 at 7:37 pm 1 comment

“Don’t worry, Master. The menial soul that can give love to one who is only a butler cannot possibly stimulate my appetite… There is a use for your soul.”

*Take photo take photo*

Wow. Now this is what we’re talking about. The past 2 episodes have been very revealing and really accelerated the plot. Director Ogura Hirafumi  has done a great job of the latest episodes, and it leaves us waiting in anticipation for next week’s outing!

The spider and his spawns

Episode 7 was a great action episode, with everything that we’d expect from Kuroshitsuji: over-the-top fights and ridiculous moves. The skewer was a classic, and the revelation that the triplets were actually demonic was awesome. I knew there was something fishy with them! However, although it was hilarious how they went on with their duties still impaled by the spear, noone reacted to their clearly noticeable immortality.

Faustus's true form...

Episode 8 solely focused on Trancy and his butler, who were most worthy of the screentime they received. We finally got to see Alois’s real past, and Faustus’s true arachnoid form. Maid Hannah got quite a lot of exposure too, and it won’t be any surprise after this to see her playing a more pivotal role in this season, seeing that she too is a demon (I believe?) I also particularly liked the director’s style here. The very Asian posing was definitely a nice touch to the episode.

So.... nice guns 😛

Just a sidenote, but is anyone else noticing how they’ve seemingly ramped up the B/L in Kuroshitsuji II? I don’t ever remember sensing such strong *vibes* from season 1 >_<”

Twister... demon-style.

It’s fantastic to see that Kuroshitsuji II is picking up seeing it had a rather lame and sluggish start. It’s a series which at this moment lacks an outright villain (well I guess Faustus counts) as we all know that Sebastian is out to get Ciel at the end anyway.

Satay anyone?


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  • 1. Baka!  |  August 22, 2010 at 7:47 pm

    The triplets are amusing to watch. This series is so over the top at times but that’s what makes it fun to watch I guess.


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