Amagami SS – 09

August 30, 2010 at 8:53 pm Leave a comment

“Statistics show that by listening to Sae’s voice, you have an increased risk of suffering from ear cancer and/or deafness”

I disapprove.

What a surprise this episode was. First we had  the comedic narrator and the breaking of the fourth wall, both of which remind me a lot of the currently airing Ookami-san. Then we had the whole romantic comedy thing going on. Pretty unexpected seeing that the first 2 arcs were mainly drama.

Some much-needed yuri action

But I guess it’s anything goes with the series, considering we have the whole reset jazz going on. I guess it’s some interesting experimentation going on by director Hiraike Yoshimasa, who also worked on Working!! and Mayoi Neko Overrun!. Anyway I think it’s a nice change of pace, though it really remains to be seen whether he can nail it.

I see what they did there...

For starters, Jun’ichi is somewhat more annoying to watch in this episode, with the whole “instructor” thing going on. He’s definitely more perverted in this episode. Also what’s with the vest now?! It’s funny how the addition of a single item of clothing can change the initial perception of a character…

"Damn Jimmy, you've been holding out on me!"

I’m sure the viewers of the actual series have HEARD about Sae’s voice. I have to admit, I was definitely surprised to find out that this was the exact same voice that brought life to the crazy two-faced idol Kogari Akira from Lucky Star. It’s so over-the-top kawaii it makes my ears bleed.

Even Miya's surprised.

If the aim of the third arc of Amagami SS was to prevent the resetting tool from getting stale, then it has so far successfully done so. Yoshimasa has definitely kept my attention going in this romance series, which appears generic-looking from the outset, but has some pretty unusual surprises packaged within.

ED: Hate the song and voice, but the visuals are great.

Nishishi. Best. Word. Ever.


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