Killzone 3 – multiplayer impressions

October 29, 2010 at 9:53 pm 1 comment

My first videogame impressions in quite a long time! Sorry guys I’ve been really busy with uni exams heading right towards me >.<”

Back stabbing has never been so fun.

If you’ve owned a PS3 and love the fps genre, Killzone 2 should have definitely been in your library. With its engaging team-focussed multiplayer, gritty environments and awesome graphics, it had many players hooked, with many convincing themselves that it was a “Halo killer” (somewhat realistically in vain).


Killzone 3 undoubtedly carries on the laurels of Killzone 2’s multiplayer but has a few new neat additions and tweaks which I’m sure will be welcome by fans of the series.For starters there’s definitely been more focus on adding more palettes to the environments. This is hardly surprising critics (and fans)of KZ2 all remember how monotonous the game could be, with its really depressing dark tones.

Is it me or does the screen look REALLY cluttered...

In addition there are new melee kills, like stabbing  people in the eye, slitting Helghan throats, etc, somewhat akin to assassinations in Halo Reach. They look cool but whether they prove to be a worthwhile addition to the gameplay or pure gimmick remains to be seen.

Machine guns and exosuits...

Of course along with new and old weapons (including a very sexy single shot rifle and a shotgun pistol), exo suits and jet packs have been added to the game. This is great, as it definitely adds some variety to multiplayer. As far as I know the same classes will exist in KZ3 that were in KZ2, but they will have tweaks here and there, such as the medic’s minidrone, which not only can attack, but heal the player as well.

New-looking armour depending on the environment

One noticeable change is the overhauled match-making system, which hopes to put players into games faster. The levelling up system has also been improved, with exp gained from doing pretty much anything worthwhile. Also the controls have been tweaked too, with the heavier delay in the controls in KZ2 smoothened out in KZ3. However, it’s still not as smooth as COD, whether that be a good or bad thing.

In my sights...

2 new game modes have also been added, which are Guerrilla Warfare (deathmatch), and Operations (a story-driven mission-based mode which has in-game cutscenes). It’s exciting news, but I already get the feeling that cutscenes will initially be cool, but as time goes on, be a nuisance to watch. I liked how they structured multiplayer in KZ2, so KZ3 should assumedly be a blast.

It's slapsgiving~

Killzone 3 looks fun to play as it is at the moment and hopefully if they produced a polished, varied and engaging game by the time of its release in February 2011.

LOL that's a knife TO THE FACE


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  • 1. Baka!  |  October 30, 2010 at 8:32 pm

    face stabs are funny. It looks good so far so if I had a ps3 it’d be on my wishlist >.>


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