Psychic Detective Yakumo – initial impressions

October 20, 2010 at 10:20 pm 2 comments

“There is no coincidence in Buddha’s design, only inevitability…”

What lovely ghosts.

If there’s a genre that never ceases to entertain me, it’s definitely the crime and detective-story type. On the outset, Psychic Detective Yakumo appears to involve both with a dash of the supernatural. However, after a few episodes, I wouldn’t really consider this true crime-fiction, but rather a solid character study with very strong detective-story elements.


For starters the thrills, twists and revelations are hardly noteworthy. Take episode 1, where it was pretty damn obvious who the killer was from his first appearance. Episode 2 was hardly breath-taking, focussing more on the story of two old men and lost love.

You foxy thing.

That doesn’t mean Yakumo is a poor watch though. The chemistry between Yakumo and Haruka, and Yakumo and the police detective Kazutoshi is developed well. Yakumo himself isn’t just another bishified male hero (well so far that is), and it’s great to see that he isn’t perfect all the time. Haruka’s character is a little one-dimensional though.

Get your chopsticks~

Yakumo also has quite a nice atmospheric tone to its soundtrack too, which is always a great thing to see, seeing how few series out there tend to show some sort of inspiration to the music they play. Voicework is okay, though the feeling I get is a little bit of flatness. Animation is nothing too special.

Possession - you can never have enough of something.

Where Yakumo excels is how it really gets to the point. While it can definitely feel a little rushed, director Tomoyuki clearly understood the limitations of a 13-episode series. There aren’t really any wasted moments in this series, and the way they’ve decided to slowly build up the greater and more sinister plot behind each episode is marvellous.

Errrr how about no.

Overall if you’re looking for a thrilling murder/crime mystery series, you’re definitely barking up the wrong tree, as Yakumo hardly nails the suspense that such shows are known for. However, what it does offer is some great character and relationship building with a pretty interesting concept.

OP: I love the tune; visuals are less inspiring, but they work well.

ED: harmonious and poignant singing combined with snapshots of presumably ghosts of the past while they were still living. Works well.

ET go home...


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  • 1. kashim40  |  October 23, 2010 at 2:43 am

    Ive watched up to 3 episodes now šŸ˜€ its good, and i think it hides a lot of mystery šŸ˜€

  • 2. Reltair  |  October 25, 2010 at 12:18 pm

    Even though the mystery cases have pretty obvious suspects, it’s still fun to watch them unfold. ^^


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