K-On!! – review

September 21, 2010 at 10:17 pm 1 comment

“I’ll be waiting for you to get your asses back here!”

Best. Shrub. Ever.

About time these moeblobs got out of the spotlight. Yeah yeah I know there’s gonna be 2 more *special* episodes, but they’re more likely going to be filler material, so it ain’t gonna make a damn difference to this review, so I’m gonna write bout K-On!! now while I’m moe-tivated 😛

Mio the Slug

I generally love slice-of-life series, and I definitely do recall thoroughly enjoying K-On’s first season. It was bright, fresh, and fun. K-On!! definitely followed in the footsteps of its preceding season, but I felt it lacked a certain sense of direction. The first season was all about setting up the band, and the events preceding their first live performance. However, season 2 pretty much just filler material leading up to the inevitable departure of the seniors.

Awww poor Mugi

This made K-On!! almost irritating to watch for me, as in some episodes, comic moments were rather displaced, and sometimes hardly worthy of a chuckle. 24+ eps felt waaaaaaay too long in my opinion, and I hope they don’t try and milk the series by making another season.

Those tan-lines are so not sexy 😛

It’s not all doom and gloom though. At its best, K-On!! is hilarious, and there more than enough outrageously funny parts here and there that are worth watching the whole season for, such as Mio’s ninja roll and Ritsu trying to swallow a receipt.

One of the more surreal moments in the season

Also K-On!! displays marked improvements in animation too, which is always nice to see. The sound isn’t terrible, but I felt a couple of the insert songs lacked the impact and ‘listen-ability’ of Fuwa Fuwa Time and ‘Love is a Stapler’ from season 1. Seriously, a song about rice?!?!?! O.o

Yui's a trekky too!

What was fantastic was that the second season gave more screen-time and emphasis on the less popular members of HTT. The episode where Ritsu and Mugi go out together was charming and a nice change! In addition a lot of emphasis was also placed on Azu-nyan, which can never be a bad thing. However I would have loved to see more of Nodoka 😦


There’s little else I can say about this popular series. Chances are, if you liked season I, you’ll be somewhat entertained to some extent by season II. While I feel its popularity is a little undeserved at times, K-On!! is definitely a rewatchable and charming second season that is worthy of some praise.

Animation: 8.75/10

Sound: 8.25/10

Story: what story?!

Characters: 8.5/10

Enjoyment: 8/10

Overall : 8.375/10



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  • 1. Baka!  |  September 23, 2010 at 4:28 am

    ……moe moe kyun~!
    Yea it’s sad that k-on is ending. I enjoyed the ride, despite the lack of storyline xD


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