No More Heroes 2 launch trailer impressions

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Everybody deals with grief differently right? Some people f*ck at funerals. I cut off heads.

Beam katana - you know you want it.

Batter up!

While the first No More Heroes was nowhere near perfect, it was a refreshing title that was packed with humour and otaku references. The sequel not only maintains the unique humour and style found in the original game, but improves it, removing obvious faults and adding more.

Maybelline - because you're worth it.

If you haven’t played the first No More Heroes, check it out. It is one of the best games out for the wii, and I thoroughly recommend it. In the first game you played as Travis Touchdown, an otaku who wins a beam katana, and decides to become the top assassin. To climb the ranks, you’d have to earn enough money doing odd-jobs here and there to ‘purchase’ ranked assassin matches, where’d you have to kill an assassin of increasing rank. It’s a bloody simple concept that we see in a lot of games (think Pokemon, where you must train up to beat gym leaders). Travis’s decision to become number one is also aided by the fact that he wants to get in the pants (more like lack thereof) of Sylvia Christel.

Studies show that 99% of the body consists of blood...

Just look at that.... belt

The sequel’s concept is somewhat similar, though it paints Travis as one hell-bent on revenge, after the brutal murder of his bff Bishop. Now only ranked 51, he must once again fight to the top spot to find out who killed his friend. Getting in Sylvia’s pant(ie)s is a secondary objective as well.

"Bugger, I wish I had life insurance."

There is so much that could be written about NMH2, but let’s start off with the graphics. For a wii game, NMH2 is presented very well. Nothing has been changed regarding the cell-shading from NMH1 which is a GREAT thing. The wii as a console has rather poor visual capabilities, so Suda51 have made the correct decision in keeping the unique style present in NMH2. As usual, in the non-censored version of the game, there is copious amounts of blood (though not as much as in Madworld), which is probably more for fanservice or humourous purposes rather than evoking ‘reality’.

Call a plumber!

In NMH2, there will be 4 beam katana gameplay options, one of them being Rose Nasty (duel-wielding) and Peony (similar to a claymore/lance). I assume the other two will be from the Tsubaki series found in NMH1. What’s more, in certain parts of the game, the player will be able to play as Shinobu and Henry, both of which were in NMH1. This adds a certain freshness to the game, and I’m sure fans will be more than happy to play as Henry, Travis’s beam katana-wielding twin.

You know why

So what’s new. For starters, the travel in Santa Destroy will be VERY different. No longer will you be able to ride around, but rather, you’ll select your destination from a map. This does NOT mean your trusty bike from NMH1 won’t be present in the sequel…. In addition, the deliberately dull odd-jobs the player had to do to earn enough dosh in NMH1 have been replaced by 8-bit minigames representing such jobs. It’s an unexpected but welcome replacement, and it definitely adds to the otaku humour of the entire series.

Meet gay Mario, your new wrestling tutor/personal trainer

Everyone loves 8-bit

So what about the boss fights? Not only will there be more, but the bosses will be just as crazy, zany and out-of-this-world as NMH1’s. From the trailers I’ve seen, there’ll also be fights with you playing as a mecha a la gundam, and fights where you slice and dice while riding your bike. Epic.

Now everyone can kill Fifty Cent!

I could continue divulging more and more about NMH1 and 2, but both are games that are simply begged to be played. The references to otaku culture are great and funny, and Suda51 have produced a series that is perfect for an often overlooked mature wii gaming community. NMH1 has been released in Australia (censored version). NMH2 has been released only in the US since January 26 2010, so check your local import gaming store for more details.

Wait till you find out how you recharge that 'beam katana'...


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