Durararararararararara!!!!!!!11 – 04-05

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Maybe she really doesn’t need to have a head… She looks more charming that way… She can stay like that forever.

Hey look! It's Otacon

Not quite Charlie's Angels...

Baccano’s director has another hit up his sleeves yet again. Both episodes 4 and 5 were intriguing, mysterious and brilliant. My only fear for this series is that viewers may get confused/put off by the shear number of characters introduced each episode and the number of loose ends that need to be tied satisfactorily.


In episode 4 we were formally introduced to MGS’s Otacon aka Shinra Kishitani, who LIVES with the headless Irish fairy Selty Sturluson. Turns out she’s a Dullahan, a spirit that rides around carrying her head for some reason. Kudos goes to the creators of this series who have actually FLESHED OUT its many characters. It was a good surprise seeing Shizuo NOT angry and violent for once. Selty’s characterisation was also fantastic, as we really witnessed her sense of annoyance and slight desparation at not finding her head even after 20 years.

Boom. Headshot.

Just when we thought that all main/supporting characters were introduced (bar one), a bunch of new ones were shown in episode 5, much to my dismay seeing the growing number of names I need to remember. This time Masaomi narrated, showing both his light side, and hinting at his darker past. We were introduced to a mysterious Slasher, possibly Masaomi’s ex and a random overcoat-wearing man, all characters adding more questions to the list we’ve already conjured up. One thing’s for sure: Durarara!! will either end with a bang, or a second season.

Teenagers these days...


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