Splinter Cell: Conviction impressions

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Like any man, when he’s pushed to his limits, he’s capable of anything.

You're fired!

"Sh!t I just cleaned that window as well!"

I must confess, I have never played a Splinter Cell game before. However from the various trailers seen, this game looks great, and will probably be the best game in the stealth genre this year (because there are *so* many stealth games in the market these days).

"Just look at how awesome this wall is!"

Like all the games in the Splinter Cell series, Conviction centres upon Sam Fisher, now a former member of Third Echelon (similar to Solid Snake’s FOXHOUND). He leaves Third Echelon after the hit-and-run death of his daughter and goes hobo. When he finds out that his daughter’s death was not accidental, Sam returns to hunt her killer.

You can ALWAYS find some time to play the piano. Even when you're being hunted by elite spec-ops.

Screw the cardbox box. I'm going commando!

What’s cool in Conviction are the new gameplay features which add to the whole concept of stealth and subterfuge. ‘Mark and Execute’ allows the player to target an object/person and shoot them when bursting through a window or door. This is awesome because you can effectively take on two opponents at once, killing one while distracting the other.

Attack of the clones~

‘Last Known Position’ is also new, used when the player breaks into the line of sight on an enemy. This makes the enemy believe that he knows where Sam is, allowing the player to flank him. Interrogation is also another tool in Sam’s inventory. Reminiscent of Assassin’s Creed, a crowd mechanic will be used where Sam will be able to hide in a crowd if in pursuit.

Twiddledum and Twiddledee

What’s even more epic is the fact that Conviction will have multiplayer co-op, where players will play as B1 and B2 aka Archer and Kestrel. The storyline will be a prequel to the main one in Conviction.

Those are some dumbass guards...

Conviction looks like a more gung-ho, Rambo-esque version of MGS4 (if that’s even possible). What’s great is the addition of great gameplay features that give more to the illusion of reality. A must-have for ninjas, rogues and assassins. Conviction will be released for PC and the XBox 360 in April 2010.

If you thought thermal vision was awesome, wait till you use sonar goggles~


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