Hellsing Ultimate – 08 trailer and other impressions

January 30, 2010 at 6:06 am 1 comment

The bird of the Hermes is my name,/ Eating my Wings to make me tame

If you don’t mind excessive blood and gore, outrageous poses and grins and impossible physics, then Hellsing Ultimate is the series for you. The next outing will be the 8th in the OVA series, infamous for pretty much anything that makes people squirm.

I always knew Elton John was a Nazi

Vampire Nazis - even worse than zombie pirates

For those new to the series, I seriously recommend you to get copies of the previous 7 episodes. Each character is so engaging to the viewers, from the psycopathic trump card of Iscariot, Father Alexander Anderson, to the comic draculina Seras Victoria and stern, manly leader of the Hellsing Organisation, Integra. My favourite has to be Integra’s personal butler Walter, formerly called the ‘Angel of Death’.

Agent Anderson. Not quite Mr Anderson.

A nun with a katana... NOW I've seen everything

Set in an alternate universe to ours where vampires exist, Hellsing Ultimate focuses on the Hellsing Organisation, an Anglican group established to deal with such monstosities in the UK. Also against them is Iscariot, essentially a Catholic version of the Hellsing Organisation. Hellsing’s trump card is Alucard, King of all vampires, who would in any other context be a terribly bad guy. Enter Millenium, a band of former Nazis whose purpose is unknown, other than causing the deaths of as many people possible.

She's definitely compensating for some things...

For some reason, I can't get rid of the red eye in this image...

Hellsing isn’t your typical action anime. Though it looks a little old-school, the fight sequences are amazing and somewhat creative in terms of kill sequences. Sound isn’t half-bad as well, with the jazzy sequences somewhat fitting to the whole zaniness of the Hellsing universe. Anderson’s voice actor deserves serious street cred for putting such personality in such an legendary character. Seriously, he deserves more screentime.

Something tells me that the Vatican won't be too pleased to see how they're portrayed in Hellsing Ultimate...

Our 3 heroes

Final impression: ~9/10

So what can we expect from episode 8? One may expect the reunion of the separated members of Hellsing. We could also expect a face-0ff between Anderson, Alucard and Millenium’s The Captain. Anyhow Hellsing Ultimate is a series that should not be missed by action lovers. Its over-the-top nature is pure entertainment.

Walter - he cooks, he cleans, he sews

Yeesh, not a way I'd like to go~


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  • 1. Baka!  |  January 31, 2010 at 12:06 am

    I agree, vampire nazis are worse than zombie pirates….Personally I like how in Hellsing, everything is overdone: the bloody, the Church’s zealous belief in God, the crazy villians, the massive weapons etc. While it makes Hellsing somewhat controversial (that is really an understatement) I think it adds life to the ova.


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