Interstellar Marines impressions

January 26, 2010 at 2:45 am 1 comment

Welcome aboard AIVK-HOC538. My name is ITO AI Sara. You are requested to proceed to shooting range D.

4 Stigs. Top Gear would be proud.

According to their website, Interstellar marines will be:

“… an AAA, FPS, Sci-fi, action and adventure game with an original and unpredictable storyline featuring single and cooperative gameplay, with heavy focus on realism.”

Set to be a trilogy, this game will be released on PC, XBox 360 and the PS3. So what the hell is it all about and what the hell is with the really lame name?

Hey look! It's shoot 'em Mr Game & Watch!

The background behind this space opera is far too convoluted for me to bother reading in detail. However in short, there’s a big United Nations-like collaboration in this world called the ITO (the Interstellar Treaty Organisation). Inspired by Buzz – ‘To infinity and beyond’ – Lightyear (I’m kidding on this one), they try to establish a stable economic and social grounding on Earth to encourage space exploration. Along came Zero Point Energy (ZPE) which is basically like Tiberium from Command and Conquer without the AIDS. Somewhere along here you, the player fit in.

It's Metal Gear!

It's like Star Wars and Sins of a Solar Empire in an FPS!

So why should you be interested? Well for starters, it’s already been announced that it will be a TRILOGY. The producers must be pretty damn confident/ballsy to already plan not 1 but 2 sequels even before the first has been fully completed. Secondly although the whole ZPE/ITO shebang isn’t the most original idea in mind, it’ll be great to play a proper fps with an rpg feel to it (Bioshock 2 doesn’t quite count).

Space sharks. What will they think of next....?

Interstellar Marines still has a lot to go in terms of production. However it’s an exciting premise and Zero Point Software gets brownie points for letting us try out a couple of minigames on their website. Stay tuned.



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  • 1. Baka!  |  January 26, 2010 at 10:22 am

    They do look like The Stig don’t they….Looks interesting. Though it somewhat reminds me of Crysis…but not as good.


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